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Less Freaking Out, More Flipping Out

Is the curve really happening, I hope so. This has been the strangest time I have ever witnessed. I remember 9/11. At that time I owned a couple automotive repair shops, I was an automotive mechanic for over 20 years before getting into metal fabrication. It feels so weird when you venture outside. Masks and gloves are the norm. People have been at home now for a long time and might be getting a little restless. Flip Out Windows has been lucky we are at full strength and thankfully customers have kept the orders coming. A majority of people may be at home but they are still spending money and the economy is still breathing. We sell windows across the United States primarily from our website. Each employee has their own space and we are not providing tours at this time. Working is voluntary and social distancing is in place.

How do we return to normal ? Change is everywhere. We may just have to work differently than before and business may have to change. Work stations may have to be spread out. Forget the office kitchen and eat at your desk. Less talking and more working. Everyone seems ready for this next challenge, focusing on the current task at hand but when talking to all of you out there, I feel your energy and I'm starting to hear the rocky music playing in the background. It's awesome that we get to meet so many of you from across this country and it does give us a unique perspective and two things are clear to me. People genuinely care about each other and are willing to do the right thing when called upon. Also, people are uncomfortable sitting on their hands and are itching to get back at it.

We’re hoping our leaders can tell us when and how this will happen, but there is an uneasiness with a lot of folks that if not given a plan to restart this economy they'll make their own, but that’s what makes America great. LEAD, FOLLOW OR GET OUT OF MY WAY. We will all be fine and we will get this right.

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