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We Love Making Happy Flip Out Windows Customers

Learn what happy customers across the United States have to say about their Flip Out Windows. Customers trust Flip Out windows over other windows because of their ease of use, aesthetic, and security. 

We are finally getting settled into our new South Shores San Pedro house, and your Flip Out window is fantastic!  This window gave our kitchen the Wow factor that was needed to make it really great, we are so happy that we found you.

When you walk into our home the Flip Out window  is the first thing that grabs and focuses your eyes to the view of Catalina.

- Robert & Tish

Hear from Our Customers Across the United States

The window arrived exactly on time. It looks great. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you getting it here so quickly. It has been a pleasure and every one here will probably want one, and I will highly recommend you. Thanks again! 

- Patricia Shaffer 


Every friend, family and neighbor that has experienced the window in use have absolutely loved it and are trying figure out how they could have one of their own. It has made such a tremendous difference in how we use our kitchen and patio and really made it a very big part of our home. It wouldn’t surprise us see more window orders coming from Arizona. We are even trying to figure out how to incorporate one into a Bed and Breakfast project that we are working on. Please let us know if we can help you out in any way with customers in Tucson. 

- Brian and Genie Anderson


We LOVE our Flip out window! Dinner with family or just listening to our daughter play the ukulele? It’s all good!! 
- Samantha Junod


We were just recently 'flipped out'.  We built our lake house in 2009 and even though we have a short lake season here in Colorado (May - September), we squeeze every bit out of it. I always felt isolated from the lake activities when inside preparing food in the kitchen.  My husband suggested that we look into putting a pass through window in and we did a good year of due diligence until finally discovering the Flip Out Window this spring.  It has been the best investment we've made in a long time.  Even if I am inside, I can see the kids outside playing in the lake - which brings serious peace of mind to this mama!  Now I really can be in two places at once.  Of course, it took some innovative engineering by our contractor since it was a retro fit instead of a new build but they did a great job and it looks like it was always there. We LOVE our Flip Out Window!  

- Josh and Tania Hattig


We installed a flip out window in the kitchen of a clients home. The client could not have been any happier, and I could do not wrong afterwards!!!! As we ordered a stock size, we had delivery in three days. The staff at Flip Out answered all my questions immediately before the purchase, and just as quickly afterwards. The client made it a point to tell me that the first thing he does in the morning is to open that window, and how great it is. The view out to the pool is fantastic, and having the open bartop from the kitchen is ideal for the client. I will definitely recommend Flip Out Windows to the next client that needs one.

- Jay Mcmillin

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