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  • What is a Flip Out Window?
    The most important thing to know is that this window was engineered to perform this function of opening up to a 90 degree angle and locking in place. It wasn't something else like a door or other product that was adapted to flip out like a window. As you can imagine, there is a considerable amount of torque when lifting a window into the air. You need even pressure applied from both sides and the hinge point needs to have a solid connection. We use heavy duty marine grade stainless steel hinges mounted into a 1/4" solid steel threaded block with stainless steel machine screws. The back and forth motion at the hinge would cause wood screws to loosen and fail. It was determined that wood or vinyl applications were not going to be an option and aluminum is too soft. We invested in engineering to identify problem areas early on in the development stages. That is when we decided to use American grade US steel. We also designed a shock that would retract into its own housing when the window was closed. We did not simply cover it with another section of wood to hide it.
  • How does it work?
    There are two primary sections of the window, a steel support frame that is mounted to the structure so that it will not move and then the second section is the sash frame which is attached to the support frame using stainless steel hinges and steel machined threads. Engineered gas springs lift the sash frame with the glass up to a 90 degree position and then it locks in place. When the sash frame is ready to be closed, first push in the lock button located on one of the shocks and the sash frame will begin to close with applied pressure. When the sash frame meets the support frame, the two come together. There are seals located on the support frame at the point where the sash frame rests at a full closed position. Once closed, the eccentric locks compress the two sections together, and the seal prevents any air or water from getting thru. The two locks located one on each side prevent entry from the outside.
  • Does it really seal against the counter with no track?
    Yes, there is a compressible seal located on the bottom of the sash frame and as the sash frame is closing and comes into contact with the counter, it is compressed between the two and forms a seal. The counter just needs to be a solid, level material, free from pits or caulk joints. Tile counters are not advised.
  • What if I just want to crack open the window for air without opening it completely?
    During the engineering process, we addressed this issue, and we made sure that you could open the window approximately 4 inches prior to the shocks activating to allow you to vent the window for air.
  • Is the installation difficult?
    Our window is available in either a Retrofit or Nail Flange style. In either case, the window comes complete and ready for use including interior wood. Generally speaking, a handy homeowner can install it in less than an hour. For more information, ask us to send you our installation instructions prior to ordering your window just to get familiar with it.
  • How do I order a window and what if I am from out of state?
    Simply give us a call or email us and we will send you an order form. Once completed and payment is received, we build your window and ship it to you or you can pick it up from our San Clemente, CA location. The window arrives and the installation process is simple and painless. In less than an hour, you will be using your window. The first time you push open this window, you will know you made the right decision and all of your friends will be inquiring with envy.
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