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About Flip Out Windows

The Story of Flip Out Windows

Flip Out Windows were invented in 2013 by Gary Johnson. The idea came from his wife Inga and the concept was simple. They wanted to connect the kitchen to their back yard so they could enjoy the fresh air and their three young children which could always be found in the backyard.

Gary and Inga had been in the metal fabrication business welding Fencing, Gates and railing for over 12 years and specialized in steel products. The design and engineering took three years to complete. In 2016, the first windows started to be sold. Since then,

Flip Out Windows have sold in over 47 states and are well over $10 million in sales. 

Still to this day when you call, chances are you are going to be talking with Gary or Inga. The business has expanded to a 20,000 Sq Ft building with a showroom in San Clemente, California and they share in their success with their employees who manufacture the windows on site for all the customers to see as they come through. Gary is the product development specialist so you can ask him anything if you have installation questions or just need to know more about gas strut windows.

Anytime you have a good idea, others will copy you, so yes Flip Out Windows is not alone anymore but remain the only hot rolled steel, engineered, gas strut window on the market.

Why is that important?

Other companies have simply taken existing extruded aluminum meant for use on a standard window and repurposed it for use in a gas strut window. This makes their product a bolt together system. It can come loose as the bolts are pushed and pulled by the gas struts. Do you want a solid steel frame or a bolt together frame? That also means it wasn’t engineered with shock mounting points. Hinge points and strength tests were not completed, but enough about them.

Flip Out Windows is excited to be flipping out America one window at a time. This has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of Gary and Inga’s careers. 48% of all Flip Out Windows are sold out of state. They love meeting so many people from across the country that are excited about opening up their homes and business to enjoy the outdoors.

"It’s nice to think about just how many windows we have sold, but the feeling you get when you are referred to a friend or family member or when contractors reorder from you is just awesome.  We know we are the original and we build the best. The fact that others are trying to imitate us is just a compliment. Give us a call and let's Flip You Out ."

- Gary Johnson 
Inventor of the Flip Out Window

We Build Quality Pass Thru Windows in California

We’re proud to be California based with a passion for serving customers across the country find the best pass-thru window for their kitchen. Once you have a Flip Out window installed in your kitchen, you won’t want anything else!

We would love to meet you in person or discuss your window needs by phone.  Give us a call today or visit our showroom in San Clemente, CA!

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