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Better Than Awning Windows

The Difference Between Flip Out Windows and Awning Windows

Flip Out Windows are gas strut windows that offer the ability to create a beautiful and natural path from the interior to the exterior of your home. The key advantage over an awning window is the Flip Out Window opens and locks at a full ninety degree angle. 

Flip Out Windows are true pass-thru windows with no bottom rail or support to get in the way of serving both foods and drinks directly from your kitchen to the outdoors. This window offers a seamless transition from the outside to the inside!

sleek kitchen remodel with pass through window

Easy-to-Use and Secure Windows

Another key difference between an awning window and our gas strut window is that the Flip Out Window opens with a gentle push and the shocks take over, no cranking required. Our windows are also extremely secure with double locks on each window unit.

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