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Flip Out Windows for Kitchens

Our Gas Strut Window Opens Up Your Kitchen

Connecting Kitchens to Outdoor Living Spaces

The kitchen is the room that many homeowners spend the most time.  For this reason you want your kitchen to have an open airy feel to get the most enjoyment out of your space.  The Flip Out Window allows you to connect your kitchen to your outdoor living space, which may include a bar, porch, deck or patio. Installing a pass through window allows you to host your guests on your patio and conveniently serve them drinks and food from your kitchen.

Planning for Your New Kitchen Window

If you are building a home or planning for a kitchen remodel, you’ll want to know how to choose the best kitchen window for your home.   You will start by answering the following questions:

  • What is my kitchen layout and size?

  • What window will suit my lifestyle?

  • What rooms or spaces connect to my kitchen?

Visit our blog to learn more about your options and important considerations for kitchen windows:

Pass throuh window connects kichen to patio

Easy, Safe and Durable Kitchen Windows

Flip Out Windows are Easy to Open

Flip Out Windows are so easy to open that they are the most practical choice for an indoor/outdoor lifestyle for your kitchen. See how fast and effortless it is to open a Flip Out Window:

Our Kitchen Windows are Durable and Safe

Our Flip Out Windows for your kitchen not only offer a unique functionality, but you can rest assured we place our priority on durability and safety.  Our windows are made of high quality steel and feature two locks. 

Find out more about what makes Flip Out Windows the best choice for kitchens:

Kitchen window opens to outside patio
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