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Everyone is Flipping Out

My Two Cents On Pushing Through COVID-19

Can the government really ask you to stop working or shut down your business for the better good. I guess they can. Do we as a group come together and sacrifice our jobs and business? It looks like we have.

Is it that we care so much for others or we are just trying to protect our families? Or is it a little of both? People can be so awesome if they have too. Just give them a cause or a reason to fight for either themselves or for others and it’s amazing what this country can do.

Some of us have freaked out a little bit and started buying all the toilet paper, but for the most part we generally care about each other. If you run out of toilet paper just swing by a drive thru and order a burger - they’ll hand you like fifty napkins.

If it's ok for us to panic a little, then maybe it's ok for our city officials to panic a little bit as well. It may or may not be as bad as it seems. But common sense says keep your distance and clean your hands. Hang in there folks, it's going to get worse before it gets better. Thank goodness there’s no shortage of beer.

Our goal at Flip Out Windows has always been to Flip Out America one window at a time, but let’s Flip Out responsibly. Be safe and take care. Try to be nice to each other and try to leave a little toilet paper on the shelves if you can.

Gary Johnson

Flip Out Windows

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