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How to Clean Your Kitchen Pass Through Window

There’s nothing better than a bright, clean kitchen. The best way to brighten up your kitchen is by giving your kitchen windows an excellent cleaning. Learn how often you should clean your kitchen windows and the two best methods to get your windows sparkling clean.

Why You Should Clean Your Kitchen Windows

There are three very good reasons why you should clean your kitchen windows regularly. Learn the three reasons why. First, a clean window lets in the natural night much better than a dirty window. Second, keeping your windows clean helps keep the glass in good shape. Over time, the buildup of grime and grease may lead to weakening the glass. Finally, sparkly clean windows improve your home’s overall curb appeal.

How Often Should You Clean Your Kitchen Windows

Now you know why it’s important to keep your windows clean, so how often should you spend the time cleaning them? The answer does depend a little bit on your family’s lifestyle and home setting.

If you live in the city, you want to wash your kitchen windows once a month to keep the grime at bay. If you live in the country and in an area where you don’t experience much pollen activity, you can wash your windows every three months.

Not sure which window cleaning timeline works for you? Give your windows a good cleaning and put a reminder in your calendar for one month from then to check over your windows. Do they still look relatively clean? You can probably want to wait for another month. Are they looking grimy? You might want to wash them.

The Two Best Methods to Clean Your Kitchen Pass Through Window

Before you even get to the glass, take a microfiber cloth and wipe down the window sill area and the sash to take care of any dust or dirt buildup.

Method One: Warm, Soapy Water

To use this classic kitchen window cleaning method, you’ll need a bucket of warm water, a mild dish soap, and two microfiber cloths.

1. Starting from the top of the window, dip your microfiber cloth in the warm water solution and gently scrub the window.

2. You may have to repeat step one depending on how dirty your window is.

3. After you remove the dirt, you’ll want to spray a solution of half vinegar and half tap water along the window glass to clean the glass.

4. Take a fresh microfiber cloth and wipe away the solutions!

Method Two: Commercial Cleaner Method

For this good cleaning, you’ll want to get the bucket of warm water still and grab a bottle of your favorite commercial glass cleaner. Windex is a popular choice. You’ll also need 2-3 microfiber cloths.

1. Take the bucket of warm water and dip the microfiber cloth into the water. From the top, wipe down the window sash down to the window sill to pick up any dirt and dust.

2. After you remove the window debris, take your commercial cleaner, and give the windows a good spritz.

3. Take a fresh microfiber cloth and wipe the cleaner and grime off.

4. Depending on the window, you may have to repeat steps 2 & 3.

California-Based Flip Out Windows

Our team can help you find the best window for your kitchen. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, and we invite you to visit our showroom. Flip Out Windows is based in Orange County, California, and ships across the USA.

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