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Design and Lighting Tips for Decorating Your Kitchen Window

The kitchen is the most important room in your house. This space is where you make meals for your family, but it’s not just for cooking! Many times, this room becomes one of the core hangout spots in your home. Family and friends naturally gather in this warm and inviting space.

You want your kitchen to reflect your home’s style while also providing a welcoming atmosphere. We share tips on how to decorate your kitchen window by finding the right decor and lighting.

Design and Lighting Tips for Your Kitchen Window

Make your window stand out with these decorating tips and tricks! We share kitchen window design and lighting ideas that you can easily incorporate yourself. First, we cover three important considerations before deciding how to decorate your window.

3 Considerations Before Decorating Your Kitchen Window

Think about these three areas of a kitchen window design needs before choosing your decor and lighting pieces.

1. Privacy

What privacy needs do you have for your kitchen window? Do you need curtains or shades? Perhaps, you don’t feel you need anything.

2. Cleanability

Before creating a decor masterpiece, consider your cleanability needs. If you have a busy family and a hectic schedule, consider more minimal pieces or ones that are easy to dust off and clean.

3. Your Home’s Design

What is the overall design of your home? If your home’s design leans towards rustic, farmhouse, you may want to continue that design with your window.

Kitchen Window Design Ideas

Find those kitchen window design accessories that you love.

Curtain - A full or half curtain might be the perfect kitchen window decor. Find a complementary curtain color that suits your kitchen.

Potted Plants - Small to medium potted plants give your space a lively and natural look. Think about succulents, cactus, or even small flowers.

Shelf - Install shelves in the corner of the windows or one long one across the width of the window. This can provide additional decorate space or new storage space.

Kitchen Window Lighting Ideas

Review these top three lighting options and choose which one works for your kitchen window the best.

Sconces - These delightful light fixtures add a certain flash of design and lighting convenience.

Above Lighting - Installing lighting above the kitchen window provides the illumination you need. This could be recessed lighting or a mounted light installed in the ceiling space above the sink.

Small chandelier - Find a small chandelier, much like a Corbel Sconce Light and install that above the sink for a dramatic look

Stylish California-Based Flip Out Kitchen Windows

Before you can design and decorate your kitchen window, you need to find the perfect one for your home! Our team is happy to help you. Visit our window overview page or get in touch with our friendly team. Flip Out Windows is based in Orange County, California, and ships across the USA.

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