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Comparing Kitchen Window Options

Your kitchen is the heart of your home! It’s the room where you spend many happy hours preparing meals to enjoy with your family and friends. This space deserves the best seamless window transition between inside and outside.

For many years, homeowners had limited choices when it came to choosing their kitchen window. Luckily, an ideal kitchen window option came along and offered homeowners exactly what they needed and wanted. Learn more about how windows have come a long way and how you can find your dream window today.

Kitchen Windows Have Come A Long Way

Your classic kitchen window has come a long way! For the longest time, the only option was the bifold window for your kitchen. Unfortunately, bifold windows generally require a factory trained installer. These windows also require necessary framing that affects visibility and, ultimately, makes it difficult to see through!  Both of these are not ideal for your kitchen window.

There are three other features of the bifold kitchen window that can lead to hassle. First, when the bifold window is open you lose a portion of the counter space. Second, the necessary bottom track can get food and drink spilled in it and is a huge headache to clean up. Third, the glass panel is stacked at each end or on one side and this creates a barrier that people have to navigate. This was just not ideal for homeowners who want to enjoy their kitchen!

The Ideal Kitchen Window For Your Home

As with most inventions, improvements are made and new ideas are discovered. After years of tinkering with creating the perfect kitchen window, a great discovery was made!  If you hinge a window at the top and have it flip out and lock in place, you can eliminate the need for all that framing and use a clear panel of glass which improves visibility. Meet Flip Out Windows!

When this type of kitchen window is open, the counter is clear and there isn’t any need for a bottom track. Flip Out Windows also creates a nice awning when open which can provide shade as well and offers a nice transition from indoors to outdoors.

Whichever you prefer, the concept is the same! Homeowners with the Flip Out Window enjoy the fresh air and no longer feel stuck in the kitchen. So, let’s get flipped out and enjoy some fresh air with a kitchen window that’s secure, beautiful, and easy-to-use. Kitchen windows have come along way and you deserve the best for such an important room in your house.

California-Based Flip Out Windows 

We’d love to help you flip out and enjoy your dream kitchen window. Visit our window overview page or get in touch with our friendly team. Our team has helped many homeowners with their kitchen window purchase. Flip Out Windows is based in Orange County, California and ships across the USA.

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