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How to Choose the Right Kitchen Window

Choosing the right window for your kitchen can be surprisingly tough! Your kitchen is an important room where your friends and family spend lots of time preparing food, eating, and traversing through to get to other parts of the house.

You want to make sure you choose the right kitchen window for your home that will compliment your outdoor space and be easy to use. Learn the differences in kitchen layouts and our best tips for how to choose the right kitchen window for your home.

Your Kitchen Layout and Size

Your kitchen’s layout and size are important factors in deciding which window is right for that room. Did you know there are five standard kitchen layout options; G, L, U, single, and galley. Of course, there are some outliers, but your home’s kitchen probably falls into one of those layouts.

Kitchen Layouts:

G - shaped like a G

L - shaped like an L

U - shaped like a U

Single - along one wall

Galley (also known as “corridor”) - shaped like a triangle

Kitchen Windows:

Casement - Attached to hinges and swing open like a door

Bow or Bay - Three windows side-by-side to create a popped out-look

Awning - Hinged at the top and swing-out

Flip Out Window - Pass-thru servery windows

Which layout needs what window? For a galley kitchen, you want to maximize your space, have proper ventilation, and a secure window you can trust. If you have a smaller kitchen, having a large window that can maximize space will help your kitchen look and feel larger. In a larger, more spread out kitchen, you’ll want a strong, durable window that you can trust.

What Window Suits Your Lifestyle?

How do you usually spend time in and around your kitchen? For many, the kitchen is more than a space to prepare food! Think about your kitchen’s size, layout, view, and what rooms or outdoor spaces it leads to.

If your home has a beautiful view or leads to an outdoor space, you’ll want a large, easy-to-use window that becomes an extension of your kitchen. Homeowners with a patio, deck, pool, or other outdoor living area needs a window that can support both indoor and outdoor living.

Advantages of Flip Out Windows

If you’re someone who loves to host or eat outside to enjoy the beautiful day, a Flip Out window may be right for you! A Flip Out Window is a true pass-thru window with no bottom rail or support to get in the way of serving both foods and drink directly from your kitchen to the outdoors.

Imagine being able to simply swing out your window with ease and trust the material’s ability to lock into place at 90 degrees. If any of this sounds like the right fit, it might be the time to get flipped out.

California-Based Flip Out Windows

Our team can help you find the right kitchen window for your home! Visit our window overview page or get in touch with our friendly team. We’ve helped many happy homeowners find their ideal window. Flip Out Windows is based in Orange County, California, and ships across the USA.

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